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When you hear of the word environment, what comes to mind to most kenyans and Africans is Wangari Mathai. She is my inspiration but I wouldn’t want to be the next Wangari Mathai but rather the first Valentine Kibet. My main purpose here would be fighting for our environment and earth in general because the level of ignorance is very high in most people. Everything else is put first but the environment comes last. Its so sad infact am getting worked up just thinking about it. Its my first day I hope I’ll get to share my views with  many people as days go by though am not really sure anyone would read this but if you do then your comments even advice would be appreciated because am not sure how am supposed to do this though i know its something I love.  We’ll see how this goes. 

Dreaming is free

All these places have one thing in common , I’ve never visited them😀😀. They say dreams do come true and its my prayer that I travel the world before am very old. These places represent various continents that I’d like to visit one day (in short all continents ).

The Bahamas

New York City 






(In my mind South and North America are the same) 

All photos courtesy of Google.

If you can dream it then you can fulfill it… 

Lovely night 

Global warming/ Climate change 

Recently at a beauty pageant in school,  one model was asked to define global warming but had no clue and I was surprised. I thought everyone knew about it but no and that’s why I wrote on the same. Global warming is the rise in average temperature in the earth’s climate. Its mainly brought about by emission of green house gases ( carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide etc)  into the atmosphere. These gases let in light but keep heat from escaping like the walls in a greenhouse hence greenhouse effect. 

The sun shines light to the earth where its absorbed then radiated back to the atmosphere as heat,  these greenhouse gases trap the heat and some is released to space. The more the gases the more heat is trapped. The rapid rise in these gases cause changes in the climate beyond levels we can adapt and thats where the problem comes in. 

Climate change and global warming are practically the same. The effects of this is melting of glaciers,  rising of sea levels, dying of forests and wildlife, expansion of deserts, extinction of species, changing precipitation, high temperatures, extreme weather events like heatwaves, floods and heavy snowfall. I hope you’ve learned something. 

PS: Today is international forest day and tomorrow is water day, aint it awesome 😁😁. 

Take care of the earth and it will take care of you in return. 

Lovely evening 

How to keep the environment clean (baby steps) 

     1. When driving dont litter on the road
most of us love eating when traveling but we throw  the cans and food wrappings outside the window onto the road. The best option would be to collect the litter and leave them in the car as it would be cleaned later on unlike on the roads which are not cleaned on the daily.

      2. Reduce the usage of your wooden stove and jikos

These cooking methods are efficient but release a lot of carbon into the environment which is harmful to our health. Instead if you must use a jiko use the energy saving one and other energy efficient appliances that are of low cost and quick in cooking. 
     3. Recycle where possible 

Some waste products like plastics and glass can be recycled instead of burning them which brings about air pollution. Reusable bags are also advisable in terms of being environmental friendly.

     4. Traveling habits

Most people use road transportation which uses oil and contributes to release of carbon into the environment. If you must then use road transport when very urgent. Walking cycling and usage of public transportation is environmental friendly. When doing a long distance travel then air transport woupd be the best. 

Other things you can do,  is plant trees,  use water sparingly,  speak up on matters affecting the environment and love your environment.

Bye for now.

Valentine’s duh! 

Everywhere today was lit with red,  roses and all things love.  In my opinion majority of the world is single and what did they do today:  some went to work, others were indoors and some even celebrated the day. 

I don’t find it a big deal whether you celebrate v-day or not.  The main concern is, all other 364 days of the year, are you happy? If yes then mark this day with cheer and merry.  If not,  I don’t find it important to have fun today and still wake up sad the next day. 

Work on the relationship first before joining the rest of the world for the lover’s day as I’d call it. 

Oh and my name is Valentine but my birthday is on June,  I wonder what made my parents call me val 🤔.

Anyways, Happy Valentine’s everyone, with love from me

Fur vest

This is my first story on anything fashion, I am excited. I saw this fur vest in a thrift shop somewhere I was in love. It was so gorgeous 😍😍  

It cost 200sh thats like 2 dollars,  so cheap yet very pretty. I styled it with a minidress, stockings and a belt and bam! So pretty. Next on my list,  a long fur coat.

That’s all for now,  lovely day 

Be careful 

​Hey,  its back to school and am so busy its unexplainable. Guess what! 🤐🤐The earth is dying and this is why;

People are cutting trees, imagine having no air,  dirty water, excessive soil erosion and no food We would all die. Deforestation is  that which  has eaten our earth up,  During the last century, most of the world’s forest cover has been lost. Its a sad reality.

Population growth, over the last 100 years population has gone from 2billion to over 7 billion. With the earth being fixed in size,  demand on the available resources becomes higher and this is damaging to the environment. 

 Imbalanced Agriculture, most farmers are  practicing monoculture. This practise causes soil erosion  as there are no deep roots to hold the soil together and no species to cycle nutrients. This leads to usage of chemical fertilizars.Who knows where The next generation will get their meals from?? 

Non renewable energy,  is the most used form of energy. The bad part is that this energy is exhaustible yet the most reliable. 

Species are going to be extinct.  Rachel Carson in her book ‘silent spring’ talks of such a scenario using birds, a very god analogy. We have to be careful we have no other earth unless mars could hold life. 

Lovely night.